We are a graphics business unlike any other. We take pride in our work and do the best job we can to produce the highest quality items at an affordable price. By working with our customers we can find out ways to keep them in their budget and still get fresh high quality items in their hands. We try and constantly provide new services and items to our customers to ensure fresh ideas and innovation. All of our items and services are customizable. This let us go as far with a design or idea as you want. We want our customers to be able to show off their great product(s) with confidence and reliability. We believe in custom, quality and craftsmanship. Traits that are now a day’s becoming rarer. Give us a chance to work with you to develop you next great idea.


Hour of operation:

Monday –Friday 9am -5pm US pacific standard time.

Custom Orders and information:

Phone: (951) 238-8449

Email: hlcdecals@yahoo.com